Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hey all! We're still on our honeymoon and loving every single second of it!! We've been at the incredible Westin Hotel in Avon, CO in Vail Valley. Ryan planned the ENTIRE thing--ever detail was worked out and he is a master planner. Here are some pictures from our Tuesday adventure. PARAGLIDING! (keep reading to see how wimpy we were...) We each were on a tandem flight meaning we were strapped to a licensed pilot. You and your pilot are hooked up to a huge parachute looking contraption and told to run down hill towards a jagged cliff and at the last second the wind whips you up into the air!! This is the view from 13,000 feet up:

This is Carly's flight:

Here are our incredible instructor's...who BOTH got barfed barfed on mid flight!! Throwing up lunch at 13,000 feet takes on a new meaning when it's done flying through the air. They were cool about it and it was definitely worth it! The standard flight is about 30 minutes but since the weather was so beautiful they kept us up there for about 80 minutes. We would recommend this sport to anyone! It's completely safe, unlike anything you'll ever experience and as Tom, Carly's instructor said, "Now you know why the birds sing!" Amen to that! It was beautiful and a perfect adventure to begin our mountain honeymoon.

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  1. Sounds like fun (minus the barfing)! Glad you are both having such a great time together. Enjoy every minute! Love ya



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