Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where I am taking Carly!

Hey oh!

This is just a little snapshot of the KAUST campus, one of the many campus mosques, and the Saudi desert. Let me answer a few questions for anyone who may be wondering about the place that I am bringing Carly...

1. Yes, there is electricity in Saudi Arabia
2. No, people don't walk around on camels as their mode of transportation
3. Yes, it's "butt" hot here!
4. And No, Carly doesn't have to wear that head thing... but I know she will want to when we go into the city for cultural respect
5. And finally, yes the security guards on campus cruise around on segways

Without further ado: One of the campus mosques:

Saudi Desert:

Campus at night:

Last thought for the day. I am leaving this place in 11 days and I can't even wait. Not because I don't like it here, but because I have an incredible woman back home waiting for me. Saudi Arabia, prepare yourself for C.E.N!!!

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