Sunday, May 23, 2010

Garden. Revive. 3 Weeks.

It's officially 96 hours until we're done with long distance forever!!! Ryan flies in this Thursday afternoon. We could not be more jazzed about being done with it. Now don't get us wrong, we're not haters on long distance (actually we would love to talk to anyone who might be presented with this sort of circumstance) but it is and was HARD stuff. Thank you lord for bringing us through it!! The first thing on our agenda is to watch one of our favorite movies, "Nacho Libre" (a lot of classic quotes about stretchy pants) and to eat some delicious nachos with Ryan's sister Stacey Decker!
Another thing we are learning is about the Lord's ability to revive. Check out Isaiah 1:27. We're just super encouraged in how the Lord will revive his people through HIS righteousness. Revive is defined as "a return to life" and that's just what God does, gives us full and abundant life! Amen! It's nothing we will do but all by the Lord's faithful character and ability in everything. This specifically applies to Ryan's sleep frustrations that we've been praying about. Can't wait to see the Lord REVIVE Ryan in sleep and health. And to see Him REVIVE this broken world in all ways so very soon.
Alrighty and last but not least the garden!! So listen people, our garden is in a high elevation,, high clay compacted, high wind, high sun exposure plot. Not exactly ideal but it's what we get in Golden, CO. No worries though because so far our tomatoes, collard greens, squash, cauliflower, mint and basil have taken off and are thriving!! The cucumber is struggling and so is the parsley :( Basically this is a sweet way to meet some amazing community in our new home and to see what the Lord created in new ways! He is evident even in a little 10 X 10 plot in a community garden-His provision, creativity and originality in being the master organic gardener. Happy Summer everyone! P.S. 3 weeks until we get married!!



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