Monday, May 10, 2010

33 Days and Counting

It's our first official blog post! We're pumped to get this up and going so that we can update you all on our lives and the whereabouts of the future Deckers! So here's a countdown for all of you who aren't keep track: 3 days until Carly finishes her Junior year at UCD. 15 days until Ryan is Home. 33 days until we get married. about 103 days until we move to Saudi Arabia. WOW!
As we are drawing an end to long distance dating/engagement, it's amazing to reflect back and see the continual provision, goodness, faithfulness and radicalness of the God who we serve and follow! He is worthy and so perfectly unconventional!
In other news we signed the lease for our first apartment in Golden! Carly is living there currently and Ryan will move in after the wedding. It's the perfect location for the research Ryan will be involved in this summer at Mines and for access to the mountains which we love with our whole hearts! We also joined the Golden Community Garden so if anyone is in need of a veggie dinner this summer you're on the invite list to our place!

We're excited to see how and where the Lord guides us this summer. We pray He is at the center of our wedding (June 13th!!), our marriage and our time in Golden! Cheers to the future!

Oh and the pictures you see are from the engagement photo session we had in January with Mandy Erickson (aka the most talented photographer on the planet)


  1. Is that the Light Rail track you guys are walking on? You guys are sketchy... :)



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