Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Few May Things

Our May is just getting going but it's already off to a good start!

I have been cranking out my final nursing clinical every week and loving it!  I do two 12 hour shifts per week and it's nice to just get the time done when I'm there.  I have to complete 150 hours so that about 13 shifts.  I'm halfway done and though I love it, can't wait to be done with school too!

June 19 (graduation) cannot come soon enough!

My responsibilities at my clinical include admitting patients, taking their health history, starting their IV (my favorite!), getting vital signs, and prepping them for surgery.  Afterwards, if I'm place in the PACU, I receive report from the OR nurse, monitor them for an hour doing different checks and vital signs, administer meds with my preceptor and eventually get them out the door.

It's low key enough that I'm no totally exhausted all day but just enough to keep me on my toes!

Here are a few other little things we've been up to:

This sweet girl came down with Ryan's parents for a little visit.  After brunch she ASKED to do the dishes.  She always wants to do the dishes so I wasn't surprised but she loves being a helper and is so good at cleaning :)

Ryan had a minor surgery this last week.  

The doctor's wanted to do some "maintenance" on his large intestine to keep that organ working should we ever consider an ileostomy reversal.  When they put up his ilesotomy, they left his large intestines so in a sense it is "temporary".  

We really would like to avoid major surgery at all costs and did this for routine purposes and to stage his Crohn's.

They also did a few skin biopsies because Ryan has been unbearably itchy for a long time around his peri-stomal skin.  So we will get those results in a few weeks but expect nothing to come from it.  The procedure was an hour and he rocked it like a champion.

I think his little face here looks so pitiful but he really recovered very fast and did so well!

This morning we enjoyed a long breakfast on our porch.  We just pulled out all our patio furniture and I bought a bunch of flowers to spruce up the front porch and back deck, so it was so fresh and pretty out there.

So we ate french toast and fruit while the sun came up, the doodles wrestled and our little chickens pecked around in their coop.  

Such a perfect morning :)

This week I have more clinicals of course, a midwife appointment, Ryan plays frisbee,  we have some very fun Mother's Day plans next weekend, and just life happenings!  We hope you have a sweet week too.

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.
Romans 12:12

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Pregnancy Weeks 21 & 22

Weeks 21 & 22 Pregnancy Questionnaire

Baby size: A spaghetti squash

My weight gain so far: 16 lbs so far!  I totally pleased with this amount because it right where I need to be just a few weeks over halfway in the pregnancy.  I was just moaning to Ryan about "how soft" my body has gone haha BUUUT while I may not have rock solid abs this little one is kicking and active in there.  And active baby = healthy baby so I'll take the body changes anyday

Food Favs: Meh I'm kind of so-so with foods again.  Nothing sounds awesome, nothing sounds awful.  I do enjoy big loaded salads still, Ryan's breakfasts, fresh fruit salads, and our friends made us a killer chicken stir fry the other night!  Anything with peanut butter or strawberries is OK with me and I gobble up smoothies and healthy trail mixes. I also made a big batch of peanut butter chocolate chip cookies so that was a hit 

Foods hates:  The usual. In particular, ground meat items and grease.  Just no.

3 Pros of Week 21 & 22:
1. Baby D is finally and predictably kicking every day so that Ryan can feel him or her.  It's always at 6:45 a.m. when I'm first waking up, around 8:00 a.m. again, and always, always when I lay down at night to go to bed.  It's hard to feel any kick mid-day when I am around friends or family (little one is asleep) so it might be a bit until others are getting to feel the kicks.
2. We had a fantastic ultrasound this last week where we learned out little one's head is enormous, his or her legs are very long, and we saw our sweet little peanut yawning and hiccuping.  Every body part is there and growing and that perfect little heart is beating at 150 bpm.  Absolute bliss.
3. Being taken care of :)  The ladies I work with at my clinicals, Ryan, my family, all our friends...I have endless people taking care of me and this baby.  With sweet texts, gifts, baby items, surprises, help, and just general thoughtfulness.  Baby D and I are well loved.

3 Cons of Week 21 & 22:
1. Carpal tunnel.  Whew-wee this is actually pretty horrible.  I had a cyst in my left wrist drained about 2 years ago.  Since I have more fluid on me with this pregnancy I am swelling a bit at night in my hands and wrist and I think re-flaring the cyst.  Well the extra pressure on the carpal tunnel in the wrist is EXCRUCIATING.  I actually told Ryan the first night it happened I thought I might have broken my wrist in my sleep because the pain was so intense.  Turns out a special brace has really helped so things are improving.
2. Like I said above, just having a "softer" body.  I know the extra weight is needed and has a lot of benefits.  I would still say I'm in pretty darn good shape at 22 weeks and can bike/hike/walk etc.  But it's quite unusual for me to just not feel toned up.
3. Skin issues still.  This little one has my chin breaking out like I'm in middle school.  Not a fan of that.

Working out:
Walks, walks, walks!  It's the most gentle on my joints and I'm happy with the pace I can keep to get my heart rate up.  Ryan and I walk the track at the nearby middle school and of course there is an open park the doodles and I love to do 1-2 miles in the mornings.

When Ryan plays frisbee on Tuesdays I walk the loop around the park and make sure I always have one "intense" day of cleaning for a workout when it's rainy out.  You can build up a sweat vacuuming and dusting and mopping!  I'm doing 50 wall push ups a day, usually while the doodles eat their breakfast.  Other than that I like to keep it simple with the walks since I know it's safe and good for me and baby D.

Best moment of the week:
This was so wild but we saw my stomach moving the other night!  Baby D was kicking around in there around 9:00 p.m. and my stomach was rippling and moving and extending wherever a hand or foot came out.  It was so crazy!

We have set up our baby registries for my June baby shower and Ryan did a lot of research about products and such.  He wants the safest baby gear and I love that!  He finished his picture frame for the baby's room and it really look so professional.  He has gotten very bossy about making sure I don't bend over too much or lift things which is SO sweet and I quite love it.  Other than that we are debating over names and I have a new favorite girl name I'm trying to talk him into :)  He is, as every other week before, the most amazing future daddy

Thursday, April 23, 2015

April Goodness

We love April in Colorado!  The weather swings between rain and sun, we can get outside and walk or bike or run everyday and the newness of spring energizes us!

Here are some photos of what we've been up to...

My undignified first born in his ever glorious state...Grumps and Poppy have been pretty mad at us because we temporarily fenced off the grass and garden/mulch area from them as we try to get everything cleaned up and back in order in our yard.  

They are SO freakin spoiled because in exchange for that "sacrifice" on their part, they get a kiddie pool to play in and twice the walks.  What ding dongs.

Have you no shame, Grumples?

In case you ever need to borrow an amazing mom/ CAN'T have ours!  My mom is the most servant-hearted person you will  ever meet.  

She always takes good care of us and recently bought me a "prego snack bag".  I have super low blood sugar and have to eat every single hour.  So she bought me this soft lunch box to fill with trail mix, crackers, juice, and more.  I just throw in an ice pack and keep it with me wherever I go.  

How smart!

 Ryan Decker was feeling pretty under the weather all weekend.  He went through a box of kleenex and I had him downing tea like it was his job.  

We love to dissolve cough drops in hot tea.   Several cups of that plus a steaming hot shower that you put eucalyptus in, will clear you right out.  He slept, read, and recovered which is a good thing!

I plucked these tulips from my garden before it could snow on them last week :)

 The Bolts!!  Oh our hearts. These two are leaving us this Thursday to move to Rwanda.  We are so proud of them and have been hogging them all week.  

We bowled, went to church, went to lunch at our favorite restaurant D'Deli in Golden, and even had a fancy dinner out at Melting Pot to celebrate one of their last nights.  We will miss them and therefore are monopolizing all their time.

And a lot of this has been happening and pregnancy-pillow-enjoying!  My sweet sister-in-law, Megan, gave me this ENORMOUS pregnancy pillow that I cocoon in.  

Ryan even joins me in it sometimes at night haha  It is so comfortable and supports my growing belly and achey back.  

Let's see...I am continuing to plug away at my final capstone at the surgery center.  I was able to sit in the OR last week and watch some insane surgeries.  I have successful started 4 of 5 IV's and regularly admit patients and recover them post-op in the PACU.

It really is the best clinical site.  Plus, no weekends, nights, or holidays :)

Ryan is nice and busy at work and even has a potential international trip coming up in May.  He is such a hard worker for our family!

Nothing else exciting to report.  I'll be back with a 22 week pregnancy update soon :)

I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish; no one will snatch them out of my hand
John 10:28

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Baby Decker at 21.5 Weeks

Yesterday afternoon we had a midwife appointment and got to see our little one swimming and kicking around in my uterus!

Ryan, my mom, and I all filled the ultrasound room with anticipation and excitement!

This appointment was the longest and last ultrasound where they do an anatomy scan.  It's a check from head to toe, to make sure all body parts are growing and intact.  The ultrasound tech had lots of encouraging comments to say and all in the best Russian accent!  We love her.

So far we know that our peanut has a huge head (have mercy!), long legs, is very bendy, had the hiccups, and had it's big toe in it's mouth.  So darn cute!  

I'm excited for the huge head on the one hand because it probably means a little genius brain is growing in there...on the other hand I am anticipating it will make labor *ahem* more uncomfortable.

 Pray for me.

We have tried to be as minimally invasive as possible with this pregnancy.  No amniocentesis, no blood draws to check for genetic issues, no gender reveal.  Just two peeks with an ultrasound and monitoring my health through weight gain and overall health.

Little Baby Decker's thighs are 3.5 cm long, he or she weighs 1 lb, and his or her heart rate is 150 (which is perfect).  It was so fun to see the little details of their body and how carefully and intentionally they have been knit together.  

God is so good!

And also this is just a little sneak peak at Baby D's nursery.  Ryan built the frame with pine last week and it was his gift to the little one :)  Once I get some curtains up and a few more things put away we will do a nursery post.

Ok, that's it!  We are over the moon that Baby D is so big and strong and active!  What a sweet and encouraging way to start off our week.

For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb.

Psalm 139:13

Friday, April 17, 2015

Cruise Part II

Just a few more pictures from our cruise!

We could not have looked dorkier in our hats but we didn't get sunburned despite being in the Caribbean!  In Belize we did an air boat to look for manatees but never spotted any.  We still got a great ride through a beautiful tropical marsh though

This was the view from any deck you looked out when we were sailing.  It was the perfect view over a book and cup of coffee

One night we did an all you can eat New Orleans style seafood night.  They cook a ton of different seafood all together with delicious seasonings.  We were STUFFED leaving this dinner.

Every afternoon at 3:30 there was afternoon tea.  We went every time!  Delicious English tea, homemade scones with cream and jam, little sandwiches, and cookies.  It was so fun.

Movie under the stars was so much fun.  The projected a movie on a giant screen and there was unlimited cookies and milk and popcorn to snack on.  Ryan was in heaven :)

This about sums up the trip.  We were tired but it was a fun vacation and one we were very grateful for it before Baby Decker makes his/her debut in August!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Our Wonderful Caribbean Cruise

About two weeks ago Ryan and I and my parents went on a week long Caribbean cruise!  It was such an adventure.  We had a lot of fun on the boat, enjoying the activities, doing a few shore excursions, and just having the week off.

We disembarked from Texas and headed to Mexico, Honduras, and Belize.  Now Baby Decker can say she or he has been to four countries before even debuting into this world officially!

The first night was my mom's birthday.  We ordered her a big bouquet of these exotic flowers that smelled amazing!  Dinner every night was always delicious.

In Mexico we just laid on the beach for a bit and shopped around.  It was nice to just enjoy 80 degree weather and summer clothes!

This guy posed as a statue but then moved to scare people.  He was fun and we watched him scare people for like 20 minutes

Our enormous boat!  Ryan kept saying he had never seen anything so big before!  It has 19 decks...

Every night we had a three course dinner which of course was delicious and so fancy.  We enjoyed every second of it

At a botanical garden in Honduras Ryan got to meet two talking parrots that liked him a lot

Just a little view from the shore.  The ocean is absolutely beautiful and so enormous.  We couldn't get over how big it always seems every time we are near it.

Post two coming tomorrow...

Monday, April 13, 2015

Preggo Sister!

I don't think it's very often that people truly shock us.  Like they can truly pull of a surprise that has us speechless.

But just a few days ago my sister and brother in law did just that!  

Just a shot of the beautiufl table Linny set and her easter decor.  Gorgeous, no?!

We all went over to their new house for my mom's belated birthday celebration.  It was a delicious dinner and fun time together.  As part of the little party Linny has made "party favors".  They were hollowed eggs that were decorated with glitter and had some little filling in them...

We innocently thought they were just Easter decorations.  Maybe some candy inside?

Well after dinner they said we could open our favors and I LITERALLY almost fell off my seat at their announcement!  It was the best possible news!

Inside was a rolled up piece of paper that said "baby thunell hatching october 2015"

They were pregnant!  

Sister belly shot

We have a niece or nephew arriving this fall and let me just say that we had NO idea!  It is so much more fun that way, just a total shock and surprise.

I just kept saying, "Are you serious??"  Why do people even say that when they find out pregnancy news?  Ha!  As if the announcing couple would be like, "Nope...just kidding!"

She is about 8 weeks behind us in pregnancy so these little cousins will be very close in age.  What fun they will have!

 Over the moon excited for them!!

We are so thrilled for them (and for us, we get a new baby to love out of the deal!).  What a happy early Easter present.


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